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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

--Michael Jordan

Real-life challenges show that sustainable success, in any organization, cannot solely rely on a visionary leader, but it is rather the strong teams which believe in the ‘Power of unity’ that actually make it happen!

Being an innovator in the field of Human Resource Development, ‘Quest’ is excited to introduce brand new high-impact platforms that can turn businesses around and notch up their performance

Quest has partnered with a pioneer in Team Development from the UK, ABAMI. ABAMI has delivered 1000s of programs to 100,000+ participants across the region as  it is best known for its unique experiential learning solutions and activity-based team & leadership development programs.
The result of the QUEST & ABAMI collaboration is ‘QUEST ACTIVE’!

With its 160 platforms and over 100 highly qualified  and certified facilitators, QUEST Active is sure to challenge leaders and teams perspectives and change their lives.

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Quest Mercuri

Quest Mercuri

Sales & customer service has always been the core specialty of Quest. To assert its leading position in this area, Quest has partnered with the largest sales training company in the world; Mercuri International, a world leader in the field of Sales Performance Enhancement.
Working under the motto “Taking sales to a higher level”, Mercuri offers an array of courses, business simulations, on-line learning, assessment tools, and consulting services to help organizations maximize the return on their sales efforts.
The combined expertise and market presence of both Quest and Mercuri International promises the highest possible added value to our sales-driven clients.

Quest Mercuri Solutions:

To succeed in today’s tough market environment, companies must arm their sales people with all the available skills possible.
The Quest/ Mercuri partnership offers diversified solutions for Sales/ Service Training or Sales/Service Performance Consulting, customized to the specific needs of the client.

Through a variety of tailored programs, participants will learn the necessary techniques to:

  • Enhance overall sales performance
  • Achieve their ever-increasing targets
  • Gain considerable advantage over others
  • Learn to engage and defeat their competition
  • Improving the effectiveness of their sales efforts
  • Increase the percentage of successfully closed deals


Some of the key benefits that will be achieved through these programs to improve the company’s efficiency, effectiveness and results:

  • Creating a common and effective language for communication among the sales team
  • Understanding the true nature of the sales process
  • Being able to overcome the sales barriers and handle objections properly
  • Acquiring the skills required to deal with difficult negotiators
  • Realizing the importance of closing the sale and getting the final commitment from the client


The Main Objectives of Quest Mercuri Programs

  • To achieve sales excellence
  • To launch new products
  • To increase market share
  • To increase profitability/margin
  • To increase the efficiency of your sales force
  • To increase customer loyalty and re-buying
  • To create value for the company and its customers

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Quest Grow

Quest Grow

Quest Active Group

“Just like body muscles, intellectual and interpersonal skills need stretching exercises to become strong and grow!”

Quest Grow Solutions include: Character Building, Leadership, Lego Serious Play, Celemi Business Simulations, Executive & Team Coaching and Business Essentials.

Quest Grow offers Quest's signature learning and development solutions that awakens employees latent talent and liberates their infinite potential. The unique learning methodologies of Quest Grow solutions help leaders and employees enhance their leadership skills and business acumen , perform better, make sound business decisions and work together in harmony.

All programs are based on our own unique learning methodology that is based on the most recent research and findings on adult learning. Several scientifically based tools and learning techniques such as coaching, NLP, Serious Play, and experience based learning are combined in a creative way to produce powerful learning experiences specifically tailored to each client circumstances and needs.