Drake University

7 Reasons why “Leading Others” is a truly transformational program

#1 Real World Experience & Application
Through the combination of Drake University College of Business and Industry Expert faculty, the program combines the best of theory and real-life application in business

#2 A Tailored Leader Development Plan
With the help of the Drake Leadership Success Profile (360) and their executive coach, participants will develop their very own leader development plan.

#3 A Function-Specific Business Plan
Participants build a three-year Business Plan for their function that can be readily implemented in the workplace

#4 A Cross-Industry Expert Panel: The Dolphin Tank!
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their Business Plan to a panel of renowned regional and international executives

#5 Executive Coaching
Seven (7) Executive Coaching sessions that will enable participants to gain insights and direction in their professional growth and leadership development

#6 International Locations
As international business hubs, Dubai and London have been strategically selected as the first locations for the international roll out of the program, reflecting the right mix of cross-industry (and cross-market) peers and experience

#7 Ensuring Return on Investment
A detailed plan of aligned support for the organization to ensure implementation of leanings and maximize Return on Investment

Dates:14 October 2018 – 25 April 2019
Locations: Dubai, UAE & London, UK

+ Leadership development essential for expanding regional talent

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Drake University

Since 1985 Celemi, has been helping companies implement change and reach their business objectives using experiential learning and business Simulations.

This unique method taps into peoples’ inner motivation and becomes a driving force. It releases The Power of Learning; the natural and spontaneous learning process that occurs when people learn without noticing.

Celemi is chosen by leaders in their fields, such as: Siemens and IKEA to name some. Celemi has offices in Sweden, the United States, Singapore, and in China as well as partners in more than seventy countries worldwide

Quest is the Middle East regional partner of Celemi, responsible for: screening, selection, certification, and development of Business Partners (Distributors) throughout the region; to market and distribute Celemi’s solutions and services.

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Founded in 1960 by Swedish industrialist Curt Abrahamson, today Mercuri International is the world’s leading Sales Consulting and Result Improvement Company.
With Its unique combination of consulting and training expertise, Mercuri helps nearly 15,000 companies per year in more than 50 countries.
These companies become more efficient and effective in their sales activities, and optimize their results, by utilizing a wide range of services provided by Mercuri, including:

  • Development of sales strategies
  • Customized training (using blended learning)
  • Building proper competency-based sales performance systems.

Mercuri International’s success is a direct result of the work of 450 fulltime sales and sales leadership experts alongside with strong values and mission.

 “With a proven Track Record and modern Solutions, Mercuri Delivers”

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Quest Mercuri

Recognized as a leading Consultancy and Training organization in the UAE, ABAMI, is a British owned International Group established in the Gulf since 1988.

ABAMI is a pioneer and best known for its unique Experiential Learning Solutions & activity-based team and leadership development programs.ABAMI has delivered 1000s of programs to 100,000+ participants across the region.

Leading many projects and initiatives in the area of people development and creating organizational high performance cultures, ABAMI is simply living up to its mission of ….
Creating Value for People through People.

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