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Quest Active Adventure Center

Our Quest Active Adventure Centre is a beautiful retreat in Sakkara Country Club near the Western desert which is designed for delivering effective team building and personal improvement events .

Through experiencing the most daring challenges, team members can explore their capabilities, confront their utmost fears, and watch how being a part of a team can change one’s perspective for good. 

The High challenges include:

  • Climbing a wall
  • Riding zip wires
  • A leap of faith from 12 meters
  • Other customized platforms

Our adventure centre is a safe environment for a challenging adventurous journey of growth. Both the High Challenges platforms and facilitators are certified by the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) to ensure you're always in safe hands.

You can also enjoy an experience of a lifetime @ ABAMI Ignite Adventure Centres in:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi

Living The Values
Building High Performance
Leadership Retreat

Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

Energize, engage and inspire your team with our highly customized and interactive range of corporate event solutions, led by our experienced and enthusiastic team.


With over 15 years of experience in the region, our personal approach enables us to work closely with you to design the right corporate event and create memorable experiences for your teams.

Our corporate events themes are not a run-of-the-mill mix of varied activities; these are concepts developed to fuel your performance while ensuring everybody leaves with a huge smile on their face. Incidental learning, heaps of fun and a strong performance-based foundation will enthrall your team, drive competition and result in greater team communication and motivation.

We can also join hands and support any of your corporate CSR or Charity events. Combining team building activities with an event for a good cause is definitely rewarding. Share with us your CSR or Charity initiatives, and our team can help in concept customization and delivery.

In addition to our careful planning & full management of your event, we also offer other services to ensure your entire experience with us is outstanding. These services range from identifying the right venue and catering menu to team transportation as well as event branding solutions, production of awards, gift items and marketing material. 

Youth Leadership

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Youth Leadership

The goal of the Youth Leadership Academy is to develop young and future leaders who will serve their communities and country now and in the future. A unique aspect of the Youth Leadership Academy is its interactive workshops, to build relationships and sharpen Leadership, Communication, and Team-Building Skills.

The program also focuses on Values, Respect and Discipline. 
This program provides an opportunity for young people to put into practice their new knowledge and skills, promotes the power of youth-adult partnerships. It will help them realize the potential within themselves through the high impact learning of essential life skills.

The Team Development Program is built around a series of high-impact, motivating activities, projects and challenges with participants engaged in memorable experiences. All this is in a spirit of fun and challenge, accenting the key aspects of effective team work. There’s powerful learning in the short review and reflection after each activity, where they examine what went well or what might have been done differently or better, relating to objectives and actual challenges at home and school.

Leadership Retreat

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Leadership Retreat

Our experiential Leadership Retreat & programs provide a platform for leaders to reflect on and re-assesstheir strategies, as well as develop new ideas & initiativesto improve themselves and their organizations.

Desired outcome:

  • Discover oneself and understand own behavior and how to build flexibility around one’s natural preference.
  • Develop an ‘Outside-In’ SWOT to improve oneself and one’s organization leading to a transformation exercise to reach the most appropriate strategy.
  • Facilitate strategic discussions, plans and directions for leadership teams.
  • Review on the past performance, reassess the current business scenario, create action plans and agree on key directions.
  • Attempt activities and challenges that bring the team closer in thoughts, actions and commitments.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values development and alignment.
  • Develop strategies, action plans and lead people through them.

** The retreat is normally carried along 2 to 3 days

Living The Values
Building High Performance
Quest Active Adventure Center

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