People learn how to:

· Measure and market their company’s overall intangible value.

· Target customers more effectively.

· Manage the mix of clients and people to improve long-term chemistry, productivity and profit.

· Find the balance between effective short-term goals and successful long-term planning.

· Assess how an employee’s job and development path fits into the overall corporate strategy.

Sales Endeavour

Celemi Sales Endeavour improves a sales professional’s ability to:

· Prioritize sales opportunities based on chance of success and value to the organization.

· Conduct sales calls with a focus on addressing the customer’s business needs and challenges.

· Ask effective and meaningful questions during sales calls.

· Build and sustain relationships with customers and prospects.

· Develop strategies and tactics for defeating the competition.

· Identify the key decision maker(s) in every sales situation.

· Apply effective closing techniques.

· Stay focused on a well-defined plan to win the sale.


Celemi Performance supports a dialogue on strategic issues across functional and hierarchical boundaries. In addition, the workshop:

· Creates broad, shared understanding of the key issues and factors that influence the business.

· Highlights the fundamental importance of customer focus, including a solid understanding of customer needs.

· Illustrates how small improvements can have a great effect on the bottom line.

· Inspires people to focus on what can be done, even when business conditions are tough.

Livon Lite

Livon Lite helps organizations to achieve:

· Alignment around the “big picture” and a deeper understanding of marketing strategy and tactical initiatives.

· Better decisions for optimal allocation of limited marketing resources.

· Increased responsiveness to customer needs and preferences.

· Deep understanding of the overall business impact of their decisions.

· Inspiring glocal (local within global) performance


Livon helps organizations to:

· Develop effective marketing plans and strategies that are consistent with overall company positioning.

· Use powerful marketing tactics to meet local customers and competitors.

· Manage and allocate scarce resources to remain competitive and profitable.

· Select competitive advertising and pricing.

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