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Our journey started in 1999, ignited by a simple yet profound realization – the corporate world needs a more innovative, effective approach to employee development.

Quest was born out of this market need and has since grown into a dynamic organization with 30+ employees, 30+ facilitators, and over 400 clients, all inspired by the same mission: to deliver exceptional, distinct quality services across Egypt and beyond.

Today, we're proud to offer customizable solutions that cater specifically to our client's unique needs and projects.

Our vision, like a lighthouse, guided us through a sea of possibilities. It wasn't just about strategy; it was about providing the absolute best learning experience for corporate employees.

  • Embracing Challenges

    We don't just work with partners. We join them on their journey, embracing their challenges and finding innovative solutions. It's in these challenges that we find our growth, our learning, and our evolution. This mindset has fortified our reputation and enhanced our team's collective experience.

  • Celebrating Diversity

    At Quest, diversity is our strength. It's reflected in our varied clientele, whose workforce represents an array of ages, backgrounds, ideas, energy, and creativity. It's echoed in our range of innovative solutions, and in our diverse team of trainers.

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Quest values

Our Values

  • Passion

    Passion drives us to pursue growth, both within ourselves and others. We achieve this by expanding knowledge, embracing potential, and creating a vibrant, stimulating environment.

  • Sincerity

    We value honesty and openness, seeking feedback and striving for improved understanding and service.

  • Respect

    We champion diversity, equality, and mutual respect toward everyone – clients, competitors, and team members alike.

  • Ownership

    We believe in taking initiative, assuming responsibility, and maintaining
    a clear focus on our goals.

  • Integrity

    We deliver on our promises, speak with conviction, and ensure our actions align
    with our knowledge and beliefs.

  • Team Spirit

    We cultivate positive energy, cooperation, and open communication within our team, fostering a supportive environment for shared success.

Leadership Team

Hesham El-Gamal

Chairman and Founder

Mona El Atrash

Founding Partner

Maissah Saoud

Founding Partner

Samah Shenouda

Managing Partner

Mariam El Masri

Technical Director

Marwa Hazem

Commercial Director

Mai Sabry

Controls Manager

Nermine Saad

Technical Manager – Quest Mercuri

Gina Khouzam

Commercial Manager – Quest Mercuri

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