Write Like it Matters

Our Professional Business Writing program is designed to help participants improve their writing skills, covering various topics such as email etiquette, tips for writing clear and concise messages, and how to format different types of business documents.This solution is

The Art of Critical Thinking

Finding solutions to challenges and making decisions are essential skills for any business professional.This solution combines two essential skills: problem-solving & decision-making. Participants will benefit from a range of simple but effective models to solve problems and make decisions

Own the Podium

This program is designed for executive-level employees who want to enhance and upskill their presentation and public speaking skills.Own the Podium offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from vocal techniques to body language. In addition, participants will have

Negotiate like a Pro

Everyone knows that negotiations are a part of everyday business life.Whether you’re negotiating with customers, colleagues, or suppliers, you need to be able to find common ground and reach an agreement that's beneficial for all parties involved.Our Negotiation Skills

Heels & Handshake

Join this program to learn the basic principles of business etiquette. Participants will learn how to make a positive first impression, dress for success, and conduct themselves in business meetings and social events. This program also teaches how to


Take employees through a journey to acquire a “brainovative mindset.” Participants will go through a journey exploring how to generate new ideas and think outside the box. The program is designed to increase creativity, collaboration, and innovation within organizations.

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how professionals prepare for a presentation or training session? Our Behind the Scenes workshop gives you a look at how the experts do it. Participants will learn what goes into preparing for a successful presentation

Act it Out

This program is designed to prepare participants with the needed competencies and skills for training and facilitation. Through an interactive program of learning, practicing, and receiving individual coaching, participants will become equipped with a full set of tools to

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